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Einreichschluss 25. 12. 2022


IWS Bulgaria

Art Connexion Mondial

Die Ausstellung findet vom 25. bis 30 März 2022 in der Espace Art Galerie – Albi Frankreich statt. Die 20 besten Bilder werden zusätzlich vom 15. bis 20. April in Warschau Polen ausgestellt.

IWS Indien

3.International Watercolor Society India Biennale
Aquarell Ausstellung: 5-9.Feb.2022, New Delhi
Eröffnungsfeier, Auszeichnungen, Preise, Exklusivartikel in IWS Magazin zu gewinnen
Meister-Demos, Plein Air Malaktivitäten, Printkatalog

IWS Nepal


IWS Slowenien

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist castra-2021-tiny.png.

IWS Singapore

IWS Albanien


IWS Albi und IWS Vietnam

Österreichs Beiträge zur Internationalen Aquarell-Ausstellung in Albi, Frankreich:
Ewald Hinteregger „Coffee House“
Bernhard Weger „Pfafflar“
Austrian Contributions to the International Watercolor Exhibition in Albi, France:
Ewald Hinteregger „Coffee House“
Bernhard Weger „Pfafflar“

IWS Südkorea

IWS Türkei

IWS Globe

A Message to everyone during this difficult time ❤ At home with the children? Feeling stressed because of all the COVID-19 news??? Creating art helps to calm us no matter what age we are and this is so important during this stressful time.
Here is a simple recipe you can follow using a few normal everyday ingredients most of us already have in our homes.
To make the paint you just need water, instant coffee and some honey. Making and then using the paint is an activity for the whole family or for a person in isolation their own.
Let’s get creative! Don’t forget to share your paintings with IWS, we would love to see them.

IWS London und IWS British Isles

IWS Hong Kong

IWS Globe

Dear Watercolor Artists and Art lovers ,

With the continuous development and expansion of IWS, our board reorganize the structure of IWS, there will be no significant changes but just some terms might be modified to better suit the present circumstances. The name of IWS Globe will be modified and re-name to IWS Globe Network, from which, it will be separated into two divisions, non- profit / charitable IWS branches and IWS commercial institutions. The two divisions will be more clear for management purposes and to avoid any confusion. IWS Branches: Each branch is directly under the main umbrella of the IWS Globe Network. The branches must be a non-profit organization and they are recommended to be registered in their own respective countries. All branches are independent and can organize IWS events as long as they follow the mission of the IWS Globe Network. IWS Institutions: This is the commercial division of IWS including, but not limited to galleries, art cafe, education centre, art centre, art group, museum and art villages. IWS institutions are authorized to use IWS logos upon signing the agreement with IWS Globe Network.
Behalf of IWS Board.
Atanur Dogan
Founder and President
We are very proud of announcing that our 1st IWS Book Series “ The Treasure of Watercolor Masters 1” is published, IWS is joint with Jiangxu Fine Art Publishing House for publishing a series of book under the logo of IWS. We hope to bring IWS to another milestone.

IWS Spanien

IWS Slowenien – Mini Castra 2020
(Kleines Format – Maximum DIN A4, Minimum DIN A 5)
Einsendeschluss: 3. Mai 2020

IWS Palac Lucja Polen

IWS Polen und IWS Ukraine

Details unter http://www.owworld.eu

IWS Polen



IWS Indien 2019

IWS Schweiz 2019

Drei IWS-Meister  Besnik Xhemaili (Kosovo)Christof Hoelzl (Österreich) und Amit Kapoor (Indien)
IWS – wirklich international

IWS Bulgaria 2019

Die österreichischenBeiträge
Vernissage in Warna, Bulgarien

Malen vor Ort
Nun denn: Wenn kein Tisch mehr vorhanden ist
Das nennt man „Longpainting“: Länge über 30 m, jeder Maler hat knapp 1 m zur Verfügung
Wenn grad mal nichts zu malen ist …