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IWS Pennsylvania
Einreichschluss: 25. Mai 2021

IWS Pennsylvania is very excited to present it’s 1st International Watercolor Exhibition „ARTS IN THE TIME OF COVID“.
This unique exhibition aims at recognizing beginner as well as intermediate painters who either began or resumed their art journey as a consequence of having to stay indoors because of the Covid lockdown in 2020.
The purpose of this exhibition is to recognize artists who used their quarantine time to nurture and grow their artistic skills.
Eric Rhoads, Pablo Ruben, Pam Wenger and Prafull Sawant are the Jury for this exhibition.
We will start accepting entries ONLY from May 1, 2021. We look forward to an active participation from all emerging artists. Thank you! Please follow our Facebook page: facebook.com/iwspennsylvaniausa to get more updates!
Mona Frey
Curator and Organizer
IWS Pennsylvania

IWS Russia
Einreichschluss: 1. Mai. 2021

IWS Malaysia

IWS Pyrénéen

Dear watercolor artists worldwide,
We wish you a healthy and successful New Year! Despite the epidemic, our watercolor world still thrives, we all share our joy and passion for watecolor together on our own way. In order to continue our activities, we would like to announce the „International Pyrenees Watercolor CONTEST and EXHIBITION“ organized by SAIP Studio from 20-30 May 2021 in France.
Being aware of running the show safely and efficiently, we will focus on promoting the artist’s profile directly and recommending it to art lovers, galleries and collectors through our client data base. A physical exhibition is still available to people in the area.
Thank you very much the leaders of The International Watercolor Association, the jury of the contest, sponsors, artists who have always accompanied us.
Wish you all the best!
S.A.I.P Studio team.
Please download the form and info in Word here:

IWS Slowenien
Einreichschluss 20. April 2021

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist castra-2021-tiny.png.

In 2012, the watercolour master Mr. Atanur Doğan from Turkey/Canada founded the International Watercolour Society (IWS) wishing to approach this most difficult art technique to all people and join them in art, creativity, connectedness and peace. The IWS Globe is present in many countries around the world and we are proud to be the official
representatives for Slovenia under the name IWS Slovenia since 2018.
The international biennial in Slovenia titled Castra started in 2015 at which a big amount of watercolour artists from all over the world participated. The digital catalogue can be found here: http://castraen.splet.arnes.si/files/2015/11/KatalogCastra-2015-www.pdf.
It is our pleasure to announce that this is the 4rd time that we organize the international watercolour biennial Castra 2021 and you are kindly invited to participate. The biennial is open for all artists in all watercolour techniques.
The opening ceremony and award issuing will be held on August 28th, the exhibition of the watercolour artworks will be open from August 28
th to October 9th in the Lokarjeva gallery in Ajdovščina. Apart from the ceremony, the traditional international 2-day watercolour ex-tempore Castra 2021 will be held in the medieval town of Vipavski Križ near Ajdovščina and Štanjel.
Art partner of CASTRA 2021 is Roman Szmal, manufacurer of watercolour paints.

 Date of the exhibition: August 28th to October 9th (41 days);
 Opening ceremony and award issuing: August 28th (Saturday);
 Traditional international 2-day watercolour plain air: August 27th and 28th (Friday & Saturday).

 Topic: landscape, people, city, abstract, still life;
 Without passepartout;
 maximum 2 years old (from 2019);
 format: minimum 21 x 29.7 cm (8.3 x 11.7 in), maximum 50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.6 in).
 One watercolour artist can participate with maximum 4 artworks.

 The watercolour artist can apply by sending photos of a maximum 4 artworks to iws.slovenia@gmail.com;
 The professional art committee will inform the selected authors on April 20th;
 The jury will inform the selection on April 23th;
 All selected artists will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions about how to send the original watercolour and pay the participation fee.

 Format: .jpg / .jpeg;
 Size: between 2 M pixels and 3 M pixels;
 Resolution: 300 dpi;
 Title: Name and Surname – Country – Title – Year – Size – Price;
 Your digital photo will appear in the catalogue so please, send us the best quality photo!

 You only pay if you are informed that your artworks were selected for the exhibition.
 Payment deadline: June 11th;
 If you want to receive the catalogue in digital form, the participation fee is the following:citizens from EU 65 EUR,
citizens outside EU 75 EUR.
 If you want to receive the catalogue in printed form, the participation fee is the following
citizens from EU 70 EUR,
citizens outside EU 80 EUR.
For every artist, the participation fee covers the exhibition in the Lokarjeva gallery, the catalogue, shipping and the return of the original watercolours by Slovenian post (Pošta Slovenije), and art material by Aquarius.
If the weight of your package together with the printed catalogue is more than 2 kg, the shipping cost is higher.

 January 25: invitation to the participation on Castra 2021
 April 20: Deadline for sending the digital photo of your watercolours
 April 23: Announcement of the selected artworks
 May 15: Deadline for sending the original watercolours from your country (at the post office, DHL, etc.)
 June 11: Deadline for paying the participation fee
 August 27 & 28: International watercolour extempore in Vipavski Križ and Štanjel
 August 28: Castra 2021 opening ceremony and award issuing
 October 9: End of the exhibition
 November 30: Deadline for sending back the original watercolours (this applies for the organisers)

 By the end of April 2021, the professional art committee will select 6 awarded watercolours and 10 diplomas.
They will be published on the website of Castra 2021 (https://lokarjevagalerija.splet.arnes.si), on IWS Slovenia
and Lokarjeva gallery Facebook Fan Pages.
 The awards are as follows:
1st prize – 1500 EUR
2nd prize – 1000 EUR
3rd prize – 750 EUR
4th prize – 600 EUR
5th prize – 500 EUR
Aquarius prize – art material in value 500 EUR by Aquarius

IWS Singapore

Wettbewerb und Ausstellung:
1st IWS Singapore International Watercolor, August 2021
Veranstaltungsthema: „The Journey of Recovery“

Ausstellungseröffnung und Auszeichnungen:
Das Datum der Eröffnung im August 2021, der Galeriename und die Dauer der Ausstellung wird noch bekannt gegeben.
Es werden verschiedene Auszeichnungen (Gold, Silber, Bronze, Ehren- und Spezialpreise) vergeben. Ob es ein Rahmenprogramm (Plein Air, Sightseeing,..) gibt, hängt von der Entwicklung der Pandemie ab.

IWS Albanien


IWS Albi und IWS Vietnam

Österreichs Beiträge zur Internationalen Aquarell-Ausstellung in Albi, Frankreich:
Ewald Hinteregger „Coffee House“
Bernhard Weger „Pfafflar“
Austrian Contributions to the International Watercolor Exhibition in Albi, France:
Ewald Hinteregger „Coffee House“
Bernhard Weger „Pfafflar“

IWS Südkorea

IWS Türkei

IWS Globe

A Message to everyone during this difficult time ❤ At home with the children? Feeling stressed because of all the COVID-19 news??? Creating art helps to calm us no matter what age we are and this is so important during this stressful time.
Here is a simple recipe you can follow using a few normal everyday ingredients most of us already have in our homes.
To make the paint you just need water, instant coffee and some honey. Making and then using the paint is an activity for the whole family or for a person in isolation their own.
Let’s get creative! Don’t forget to share your paintings with IWS, we would love to see them.

IWS London und IWS British Isles

IWS Hong Kong

IWS Globe

Dear Watercolor Artists and Art lovers ,

With the continuous development and expansion of IWS, our board reorganize the structure of IWS, there will be no significant changes but just some terms might be modified to better suit the present circumstances. The name of IWS Globe will be modified and re-name to IWS Globe Network, from which, it will be separated into two divisions, non- profit / charitable IWS branches and IWS commercial institutions. The two divisions will be more clear for management purposes and to avoid any confusion. IWS Branches: Each branch is directly under the main umbrella of the IWS Globe Network. The branches must be a non-profit organization and they are recommended to be registered in their own respective countries. All branches are independent and can organize IWS events as long as they follow the mission of the IWS Globe Network. IWS Institutions: This is the commercial division of IWS including, but not limited to galleries, art cafe, education centre, art centre, art group, museum and art villages. IWS institutions are authorized to use IWS logos upon signing the agreement with IWS Globe Network.
Behalf of IWS Board.
Atanur Dogan
Founder and President
We are very proud of announcing that our 1st IWS Book Series “ The Treasure of Watercolor Masters 1” is published, IWS is joint with Jiangxu Fine Art Publishing House for publishing a series of book under the logo of IWS. We hope to bring IWS to another milestone.

IWS Spanien

IWS Slowenien – Mini Castra 2020
(Kleines Format – Maximum DIN A4, Minimum DIN A 5)
Einsendeschluss: 3. Mai 2020

IWS Palac Lucja Polen

IWS Polen und IWS Ukraine

Details unter http://www.owworld.eu

IWS Polen



IWS Indien 2019

IWS Schweiz 2019

Drei IWS-Meister  Besnik Xhemaili (Kosovo)Christof Hoelzl (Österreich) und Amit Kapoor (Indien)
IWS – wirklich international

IWS Bulgaria 2019

Die österreichischenBeiträge
Vernissage in Warna, Bulgarien

Malen vor Ort
Nun denn: Wenn kein Tisch mehr vorhanden ist
Das nennt man „Longpainting“: Länge über 30 m, jeder Maler hat knapp 1 m zur Verfügung
Wenn grad mal nichts zu malen ist …